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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

And a Visitor From California

Before we headed to CA for Thanksgiving, good friend Charlotte paid us a visit and we took her down to the lake. We putt-putted around the lake on the pontoon boat, showed her the nearby community, had a pretty good shrimp & pasta dinner that I put together, and then played some cards. It was just a friendly game of FanTan and we weren't keeping score, but I'm pretty sure that I was the big winner. Not to brag or anything.

But here's the really amazing thing that I will brag about. In showing Charlotte the goodies around the lake, I specifically wanted a closer look at the miniature golf course. Walked right by the tennis or volleyball court (I won't be doing whatever it is). The community is so small and blessedly honest that the golf clubs, score cards and pencils were available with no interfering locks.

I just had to give it a try. How truly awful could I really be? The first hole was nicely lighted by the sun with no shadows. It was a simple, straight-on hole. I placed the ball, tried to line up to the hole and gave the ball a medium hit. I got a hole in one. I did. Truly. Visually disabled woman hits hole in one. That was the headline I expected. Oh well. We had a grand time anyway. I'll call the newspapers next time.

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