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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It Ain't Me, Babe

A while back, I wrote a post about coincidence. ("It’s a Teeny World After All" - It was about learning from a tax client of our associate that he’d met my niece Shannon in some foreign airport a year ago. She’d told me about the nice family that she and her girlfriend met and traveled with back to the Memphis airport, and here that family was sitting in front of me. Pretty bizarre.

Well, now I can do that one better. Last week I was doing what Mike and I sometimes do, which is to google our names to see what, if anything, new pops up. Imagine my surprise when a link popped up called Diane’s Blog. I write the Plunk Chronicles, but it’s never been called Diane's Blog – or, to my knowledge, referred to in that way. There are a lot of Dianes, but I clicked the link anyway and found myself looking wide-eyed at a web page by Diane Thomas, my maiden name. But it wasn’t me -- although I had to scroll over to the photo to prove it to myself. Maybe I’d been sleep-writing.

I went to her bio first, and the coincidences kept coming.

Obviously, the name and the blogs are at the top of the list.
She lives in Georgia. I used to live in Georgia outside Atlanta, and my Thomas ancestors hailed from Georgia.

She’s a writer. I’m a writer of a less grand scale, but with a career of writing and some freelancing behind me.

She was a reporter/feature writer. I was a reporter/feature writer. She stayed in the profession longer than I, however, and became entertainment editor of the Atlanta Constitution magazine.

Her first book has been published and is doing quite well. The book is called The Year the Music Changed, and one of the main characters is a fictional version of . . . Elvis. Music watches The King as his career gains momentum. You do recall, I’m sure, that he was discovered at Sun Studio in Memphis. “Oh, my,” I had to say as I sit here just outside Memphis. I write about Memphis, Elvis, Sun Studio and music.

(By the way, we have a new Elvis connection coming up that I can’t tell you quite yet. Curious?)

After going into Mike’s office with a “You won’t believe this” story, I quickly emailed the other DT and introduced myself. She wrote back and was pretty surprised herself by all the coincidences.

Not to make your head spin, but the author of Romancing the Stone and Jewel of the Nile is also named Diane Thomas.

I’ve ordered Music from and I’m looking forward to reading it. You can learn more about that Diane's book at

It's either a teeny, tiny world or The Twilight Zone.

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