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Monday, April 14, 2008

A Town by Any Other Name . . .

When the Plunks entered this country from Germany, they initially settled in Pennsylvania and later migrated to Lancaster County, North Carolina. In 1824, a group of Plunk families decided that Lancaster County was getting too congested so they packed up and headed west.

The wagon train traveled for six weeks to get to West Tennessee. After a short stay around Jackson, TN, the Plunk clan moved to McNairy County. They cultivated farms, built homes and barns, and relished the rolling countryside. The time came to name their county seat, and the good citizens chose to name it after the city of Selma, Alabama.

Years moved on as the county and its residents thrived. But a small problem arose. When asked where they were from, residents would reply, “Ah’m from Selmer.” It seemed that more folks mispronounced the name than pronounced it correctly.

Being pragmatic people, the town fathers made the most obvious decision. They changed the name of the town to Selmer. You gotta love a simple solution.

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