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Monday, February 11, 2008

It's a Teeny World After All

We have an associate in the tax office this year. When Mike and Eric were chatting about the possibility of his being in our office, Eric described the client base he’d bring and that, among it, was a substantial number of Moroccans from the surprisingly large Moroccan community in north MS.

Saturday evening one of his Moroccan clients plus American wife and children came into the office for an appointment. Here’s how that conversation went.

ME: I’m really glad to meet you. One of my nieces has been living in Morocco for the past two years.

HIM: No kidding. Does she like it?

ME: Oh yes. Of course, their environment has changed since they moved. First they were in Ajadir and now they’re in Casablanca.

HIM: Really! I’m from Ajadir.

ME: Really! Well, that’s a coincidence.

HIM: Yeah, as a matter of fact when we were returning from a visit home in ’06 we met a couple of American girls who were on the same flights we were. (turning to his wife) They were teachers, weren’t they?

ME: My niece and her girlfriend are teachers.

HIM: I think they were from Arkansas.

ME: Omigod, that’s where they’re from. That’s them. They told me about traveling with a nice family.

And that’s just how teeny-tiny the world is between our tax office and Morocco. What do you suppose the odds are for this happening?


Willow Goldentree said...

Oh, that gave me goose bumps!

Your niece's mom said...

Will wonders never cease..... what are the odds?????

Scarlett said...

Hello niece's mom/sis -- I wanted to call you Sunday to tell you, but it's our only non-work day and it just got away from me. The best I could do was a Monday email. I knew your jaw would be dropping, too. I think you met that family in the airport when you picked up the girls, right? Will talk soon.