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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

It's a Holiday, Ya'll!

Yesterday I happened to call a medical facility operated by the state. When I asked for the person I was calling, I was told -- as if I were from Mars or maybe just California -- that she was not in. "It's a holiday."

I was embarrassed and got off the phone quickly. Called Mike. Asked what holiday we were missing out on. He said April 30???? No idea. But he called back later to report that the parking area for the office next door to the tax service, which is a satellite office for a state agency, had virtually no cars present. Hmmmm

I went online. Found the State of Mississippi web site and ended my ignorance. April 30 in Mississippi is Confederate Memorial Day. State offices are closed. Who knew? I noted on their list of holidays that the *other* Memorial Day is listed as National Memorial Day. I also noticed that there's a slash after the title for Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday holiday. Also being celebrated that day is the birthday of Robert E. Lee.

Now don't you feel smarter?

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