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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Yankee Sighting

There are several ways that Southerners spot yankees and deal with them accordingly. Around these parts, if you ask for directions to Grenada, MS and pronounce it Gre-NAH-da, a local is going to snicker and give you directions to who-knows-where. Likewise, no Southerner goes down to the Gulf to visit Biloxi (pronounced like lox & bagels). We travel to Bi-LUX-ee.

Yesterday, we found a new way to weed out the yankees. (Pamela, this is for you.) Cousin Bill is visiting so we took him yesterday down to the river to a great Mississippi River museum. On the return tram, we chatted with some ladies who were visiting from Maine. Finally, she asked if she could pose a question.

"We were walking yesterday and there were all these trees with shiney leaves and the biggest white flowers. Do you know what they are?"

In unison, Mike and I said, "Magnolias!" Who knew that was a mystery plant!?

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