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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Distant Relative of Scarlett?

Our friend and kitty groomer, Kim, was so excited the other day on the phone. She'd been to see the new Harry Potter movie the night before and told me that there was a Maine Coon in the film. Our Kitty Scarlett is a lovely Maine Coon girl, and Kim loves her dearly. I can't deny it. Scarlett is a beautiful, sweet, funny, well behaved, 14-month old kitten.

Naturally, I had to see the cat in question. The Maine Coon plays Mrs. Norris, the companion of Filch, the caretaker. I learned that three cats played the part, but the one you see most on-screen is Tommy, pictured in formal portrait. Of course, the other beauty is our Scarlett in one of her baby pictures. Although the beauty of the Maine Coons was roughed up for the part, I suspect that one reason that breed was used was its size. Males, like Tommy, can easily weigh 16-18 pounds. Scarlett weighs a ladylike 11 1/2 pounds.

The attached article tells a bit about how they worked with the cats in the film and comments on what good housepets the Maine Coon can be. We agree. And we'll keep Scarlett at home resisting the urgent pleas for her to become a star.

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