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Friday, July 8, 2011

Casey Anthony - My Turn

Everyone else has piled on with observations about the Casey Anthony trial and verdict, so I might as well join the fray. I watched a good bit of the trial live on HLN and have seen endless commentary – all of which gives me absolutely no authority to discuss it, but that hasn’t stopped anyone else with as little knowledge as I have.

First, I think the defense did a good job of throwing so many vegetables into the stew pot that the jury and interested viewers had difficulty finding the actual meat. The question of George Anthony sexually molesting Casey was thrown in. It makes no difference. He was not being accused of molesting and then killing Caylee. If Casey had been molested, we would have felt bad for her, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with whether she was or was not responsible for her daughter’s death. Molestation does not make someone a murderer.

Whether or not George had a mini-affair with the search volunteer has no bearing on Casey’s guilt or innocence. Yes, the difference between his response to that question and that of the volunteer goes to his credibility, but having extramarital sex doesn’t implicate him for any other wrongdoing. And, everyone lies about sex.

And then, the defense repeatedly directed your attention to a possible accidental drowning. There was no more evidence to that than there was evidence that the poor baby was attacked by space aliens. Smoke and mirrors.

The defense wanted us to believe that George Anthony instigated a cover-up for an accidental drowning. That George, an ex-cop, would make an accident appear like a murder is inconceivable to me. He’s a cop. His immediate instinct would be to dial 911. Tragically, accidental drownings are not rare. They happen every summer. It’s heartbreaking, but you call authorities. Anything else simply doesn’t make sense.

And then, they threw suspicion on the meter reader who found the remains and repeatedly reported the discovery to police.

It’s classic magician tactics. “Look over there while I pull the card out of my coat pocket. Wow. It’s magic.” That’s how I felt the defense ran their case.

I don’t know if the prosecution is required to provide a motive, but I shuddered at the one they delivered. They asserted that the fact that Caylee was becoming more verbal threatened to topple Casey’s house of lies. I just don’t buy it that any mother, even a bad one, would one day decide to do away with a child because she was beginning to talk. I think that something else happened.

I could have believed that Casey used chloroform to sedate her baby so she could go out. Maybe she used too much and that caused the death that she had to cover. But, here’s this. Why would anyone put duct tape over the nose and mouth of someone who is already dead? I can’t think of a logical answer to that question, and that makes me conclude that the tape was deliberately the cause of death.

Clearly, Casey was involved in some way in her daughter’s death. Even her parents reported the smell of death from the trunk of Casey’s car. Casey’s behavior in the 31 days following Caylee’s disappearance is the most damning evidence. Whether the child was missing or already dead, no normal mother parties and enters a hot body contest. No normal mother concocts lie after lie to misdirect investigators. She was trying to protect herself, and she didn’t care that her child was gone.

I won’t pretend to know what really happened. Hopefully, someone some day will divulge the truth.

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Zehr_Family said...

Very good reasoning, you should have been on the jury!! She might have been convicted!!