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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Louis and Keely and Sonny and Cher

She’s the sultry, brunette beauty who’s the “straight man” of the duo. He’s the crazy Italian and the brunt of her jokes.

She’s got the class and the pipes in the family. He may, however, be the promoter/marketing guru behind the musical act.

Sure, you presume I’m writing about Sonny & Cher. And I am. But before there was Sonny & Cher, there was Louis & Keely (Louis Prima & Keely Smith), a very popular, married, singing duo back in the ‘50s.

I’m fond of bygone music, but many of you may not be familiar with Louis (pronounced Louie) and Keely. I’d betcha, though, that Sonny Bono was familiar with their act. Check out the videos below, then think back to many of the opening monologues of the Sonny & Cher Show.

I’m just sayin’.

Louis & Keely, Don’t Worry About Me -

Sonny & Cher, Get Ready -

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