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Friday, May 14, 2010

All Memphis, All the Time

Here’s a real treat for all you music lovers. Check out You will love it. You will want to bookmark it.

The site is an internet radio station that plays, as the title indicates, all-Memphis music: Memphis artists, songs recorded in Memphis, songs that mention Memphis. There must be some connection to Memphis. It even sometimes features pieces of the old Dewey Phillips Memphis radio show.

The site is the brainchild of two native Memphians, David Fleischman and Jon Scott. David (“Flash”) was the lead singer back in the day with Flash and the Board of Directors. He was later an executive with Atlantic Records and then MCA Records. In ’04 he returned to Memphis.

Jon is a former Memphis disc jockey who became an exec at MCA Records and ABC Records.

In 2006, the two launched allmemphismusic. Here’s what a Commercial Appeal editorial had to say about the music site.


All Memphis, all the time

This is just a hunch , but we suspect there may be a bright future for a new Internet site called Provincial thinking? Not really. Veteran Memphis musicians playing the style of music they know best bring fans to their feet in venues from Great Britain to the Italian peninsula and points beyond. As a brand name, Memphis music has power. aims to harness it by streaming recorded Memphis music for a worldwide audience.

The site is the brainchild of music industry veterans Jon Scott of Los Angeles, a Memphis disc jockey in a former life, and David Fleischman, a Memphis-based record promoter. "When other cities show off their skylines, we show off our incredible sounds," the Web site announces. Which is exactly what it delivers

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