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Monday, November 16, 2009

Looking for a Birth Mom

Sometimes it takes a while to notice the 800 pound gorilla in the room. For me, it’s taken two years.

That’s how long ago I started a search for my son’s birth mother. I had initially made info requests and database postings, but then did nothing this year because my time was devoted to taking care of Mother. I renewed my efforts a few days ago and found a super birth mom website and some new registries. One of them is very active, and those great ladies have provided some new avenues for me to take.

Mike has been a great support and help, and we’ve not limited our activities to the online efforts. Last year we ran a personals ad in the Atlanta newspaper and, when we were recently in Georgia, we looked up newspaper archives for birth announcements.

After spending hours reading and posting information today, I finally saw that big gorilla -- -- the obvious became obvious. This blog, although not designed for people searches, has an audience that’s scattered across the country. One of the rules of research is to follow every lead, take every opportunity. One never knows who might know someone who knows someone who might have a piece of crucial information. On the other hand, this may not turn up anything, but I won't know until I put out the request.

So, here’s what I know. Unfortunately, it’s not much.

My adopted son was born March 31, 1976 at Cobb General Hospital near Atlanta. We do not know the birth mom’s name, but she was 18 years old at the time. She wouldn’t know my name either or the name we gave my son, so -- if she’s looking – she’s coming up empty as well. It was a private adoption that was finalized in court on July 19 of that year. There is no “original” birth certificate to locate. Our attorney obtained our information in advance of the birth so that my ex-husband and I were listed on the birth certificate.

There are a few other pieces of minor information that I’m holding back as proof that I’ve found the right person -- -- if that happy day arrives.

A birth mom, dad or siblings might want to know my young man and I know it would be good for Alex, so please share this wherever you see fit. Hit the comment button below to leave info or email me if you’d prefer privacy –

OK, it was 33 years ago in north Georgia. Think about it.

Thank you!

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Jenni said...

I really hope this helps you find Alex's birth mom. If it makes you feel better, my sisters had put feelers and searches out there for Mom's birth Mother and it took some time but the results were awesome. Good luck and please keep us posted on the results.