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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Twins Separated At Birth

At first blush, you might think that there are few similarities between Sarah Palin and Willie Herenton. For starters, she’s a somewhat petite, white woman and he’s a tall, African-American man. She’s from a sparsely populated state. He’s a street-savvy, urban guy.

But their similarities are greater than their differences.

Both are elected officials. She, the governor of Alaska, and he, the mayor of Memphis – although she has served less than one term and he’s been in office for an unprecedented 18 years.

Both have submitted resignations from their respective offices. His resignations are a bit tenuous, however.

Both have their eyes on higher office. She’s playing her cards close to the vest about what and when. He’s announced that he will seek the seat of a Congressman he formerly supported.

Both believe that the media is out to get them.

Both have faced claims of unethical conduct in office.

Both have vastly over-rated opinions of themselves.

And all of their constituents will be better off when they’ve gone.

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