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Friday, July 3, 2009

Back From the Big Easy

We’re back from N.O. safe and sound – stuffed from all that good food. On the first night we ate at La Bayou where they claim their restaurant has “flavor that bites back.” I presume they were referring to the fried gator appetizers we enjoyed. Gotta have it at least once. Mike had an oyster po’ boy, and I had my favorite soft shell crab po’ boy.

The first time I tried that tasty sandwich, I was a bit apprehensive about munching on the little guys that had been thrown whole into a deep fryer. When I lifted the top bun and saw them lined up in a neat row, I hesitated again. But then I bit into the fat sandwich and was sold.

We listened to music here and there, but top billing went to the gumbo and etouffee. You just can’t eat salads and chicken when you’re in New Orleans.

We stopped by the Cornstalk Hotel, our honeymoon location from years back. We drove through the beautiful Garden District and enjoyed the old, gracious homes. We took a look at Tulane where Mike attended in his freshman year. The campus begins just across the street from Audubon Park which Mike told me is the home of The Hill.


Mike had been told by his fraternity brothers that a hill had been constructed in the park so teachers and parents could take children to view and understand the reality of “hill.” Well, it is awfully flat down there.

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Laissez les Bon Temp Rouler! (Let the good times roll!)

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