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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Take a Deep Breath

It’s April 15, tax deadline in case you hadn’t noticed. Plunk’s Tax Service was wild and wooly yesterday with last-minute folks and has the same frenetic pace today. The result: what you get today is this obscure piece of whimsy.

In case you’ve been sitting up nights wondering what might be the world’s longest song title, I can set your mind to rest. The song was recorded by a Swedish group called Rednex and comes in at 52 words, 305 characters including spaces. I’m trying to picture a CD label large enough to contain the full title. Get ready. Here it is:

The Sad But True Story of Ray Mingus, the Lumberjack of Bulk Rock City, and His Never-Slacking Stribe (?) in Exploiting the So Far Undiscovered Areas of the Intention to Bodily Intercourse From the Opposite Species of His Kind, During Intake of All the Mental Condition That Could Be Derived From Fermentation

I get out of breath just reading it.

It appears that this country’s longest title winner goes to old-timer Hoagie Carmichael for this jewel:

I'm a Cranky Old Yank in a Cranky Old Tank on the Streets of Yokohama with My Honolulu Mama Doin' Those Beat-o, Beat-o, Flat-on-my-seat-o Hirohito Blues

Sorta gets you all misty-eyed, doesn’t it?

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