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Friday, April 17, 2009

Susan Sings!

I’m not much for jumping on bandwagons, but this exception is certainly worth it.

I first heard of Susan Boyle from friend Grace. I found Susan on youtube, listened, cried and became an instant fan. Of course her song choice from Les Miz makes my eyes misty all by itself. I’m a weeper.

Susan has an incredible voice and delivery. She sings with perfection and passion. The shocker for everyone, myself regretfully included, is that she doesn’t have the appearance of a singing star. She’s middle-aged, plump and plain.

We should exult in her growing success, and we should be reminded that we are so much more than the visage we present to the world. Maybe that’s the lesson we should take from Susan.

The top link below is her first appearance on Britain’s Got Talent. The second is a recording she made 10years ago. It’s amazing as well. She’s going to be on LarryKing tonight and has received an invitation from Oprah.

I hope the record companies are tripping over themselves to sign up Susan. Enjoy visiting these links.

P.S. Read this article from The Guardian. It poses the question: Is Susan ugly or are we? Good question.

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Avery Dear said...

Scarlett, I noticed a Susan Boyle account on Facebook a while back in which she was adveritsing a particular store. The date it was allegedly posted was Sunday last, I think. That burns me up because I do not believe that she is endorsing yet...if ever. I agree with everything you usual.