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Friday, January 16, 2009

A Tale of Two Kitties

I've thought a lot about cats today. I was doing some online research for my mother, and I was at times gifted by a lap-sit from Kitty Scarlett.

All of that reminded me about a short story I wrote several years ago. It's a light piece of fluff about two cats, hence the name. Before I start receiving comments -- yes, I know that there was an animated movie of the same name a couple of years ago.

I had it first, but who knew? As a writing instructor told me many years ago, "There are no new ideas."

So, if you like cat stories, try the one at this link. If you don't, we'll post something more to your liking on another day.


Willow Goldentree said...

Is that Kitty Scarlett in the photo? What a cute picture!

Scarlett said...

Actually not. Although she's a shelter cat, it later became apparent that Kitty Scarlett is mostly a Maine Coon cat, a breed I'd never heard of.
I was doing some research about Maine Coons for my mom to share with a friend when I found this pic. It looks almost exactly like KS except that my baby has a funny smudge of color across her mouth. I always said that it looks like she's been eating blueberries. lafs
The photos continue to prove that KS has a whole lot of Maine Coon kitty in her.