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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Barack Obama

Today we have a president.

Mike and I are back in the tax office full-time for the season, but we’re watching the inauguration as much as possible on television, and I’ve been wiping my eyes all morning.

I must confess that I did not jump on the Obama train right away. I was and still am a Hillary supporter. She will be an excellent Secretary of State.

My first ah-ha moment as an Obama watcher came while viewing the Pastor Rick Warren interviews of Obama and McCain. As I continued to watch and listen more carefully, my admiration and conviction grew.

I am certain that Barack Obama is exactly the person needed to lead the country at this moment.

I have long espoused the theory that people don’t follow concepts; they follow people. The ability to inspire people to take up a cause, initiate action or make sacrifices is a critical component of leadership. Neither you nor I will be inspired by a briefing document. We are inspired by a person of conviction explaining to us clearly the necessary goals and required steps to achieve them. We need an impassioned leader to sound the call to arms. And today, in the midst of this nation’s extreme challenges, we got him.

President Obama brings intelligence, strength, confidence, cooperation and all the aspects of outstanding leadership to this highest office in the land.

Hail to the Chief.


Marcy said...

AMEN SISTER! (well, I mean "Auntie") WE welcome President Obama and are so happy he has arrived to serve!!

PS: I really hope that helicopter took GWB straight to Guantanamo Bay!

jacker said...

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