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Saturday, September 20, 2008

My New Job

I’ve decided to go back to work. Really. I just heard about a line of work that is perfectly suited to my personality. I discovered that people will actually pay a complete stranger – me, for instance -- to mess with, I mean organize, their closets!

Imagine. Access to multiple, messy closets where I could go nuts grouping items by type and sub-type and then by color and, of course, by dressy, business casual and everyday casual. That’s what I do in my closets. In our master bedroom closet, when I want a dressy, blue blouse it’s on the top right. Casual, blue shirt – lower rack to the left. The very thought of closet jumble makes my skin crawl.

For the paying customers I could also arrange all those shoes that some people scatter about the closet floor. Maybe we could even discard some of the offensive pieces hanging in their closets. And they’d pay me. They’d actually give me money to exercise my OCD.

I understand that some folks might also let me rearrange the contents of the chest of drawers. (Mike’s told me I have to stop re-arranging his.) But I could make beautiful sock drawers with sections for the full range of the color palette. Tee shirts separated into plain and those with designs, then subdivided by color. Simply thinking about it gets me excited.

There’s real potential for me here. It’s the obsessive-compulsive’s Nirvana.


Anonymous said...

Such talent!! Wish you were here to do mine! lol

Elena Montero Flores

Scarlett said...

Elena dear, I'll do yours for free the first chance I get.