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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cruisin' the Amazon

You know that sometimes Mike and I google ourselves to see what new stuff might have been posted about us ( About a week ago, I was waiting on Mike for a project we were going to undertake and googled myself to while away a few minutes.

I finally did the google on my maiden name and was scrolling down through the obvious links to the two famous Diane Thomas-es. I don’t recall why the link to caught my eye as something different, but I clicked it to see where it led. And I was more surprised than finding another ex-reporter DT.

There was a book title about schools and media relations. It was for sale and it was by me. No, I mean it was really by me.

Back in the late ‘80s a statewide schools organization contracted with me to write a handbook which they would then offer for sale, among their other library selections, to their membership. I would receive a flat fee, no per-book royalties, but I would retain ownership of the text and I could do as I pleased with it. I bought my first home computer with that fee and started doing a bit of freelancing from home outside my day job.

And there was my book being sold online for an outrageous price. I suppose I should be flattered, but folks, that 60-page handbook ain’t worth $30.

After I went running through the house to tell Mike, I checked and found that I still have a few copies of the book. I suggested to Mike that we put them on Amazon and charge less than the other seller, which appears to be perhaps a used book dealer.

But then I had a better idea. After I had sold that original little book, I became dissatisfied with parts of it and thought that other material ought to be included. I re-wrote and amplified it and sold that improved version to another schools organization in the Midwest. I have a few remaining copies of that handbook, too.

I also have the near-antique computer that contains the text of the improved version. Now, if I can find someone to get the document out of the old Mac and into a Word doc in this computer . . . hmmmm. There may be new life for the old book yet.

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Willow Goldentree said...

Oh my goodness! You could sell them as signed copies too! :D That's exciting.