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Monday, March 24, 2008

The Great Easter Egg Swindle

I read a book about aging quite some time ago, and it included a statement that intrigued me: “We don’t change as we grow older. We’re ourselves only moreso.” Someone shy might become reclusive. Someone outgoing might become outlandish, and so forth. Hold that thought.

My mother resides in an assisted-living facility that’s not far from us. Her “suite” is roomy; the common areas are attractively decorated; and the staff is warm and caring. Another plus is their activity director who organizes some sort of activity or visiting performance every afternoon as well as parties for every holiday of the year. So it was no surprise that there was going to be an Easter egg hunt last Saturday.

A girls’ club of some sort went over to the place and helped hide eggs in the large living room area, then they helped residents hunt for eggs and fill their baskets. Naturally there were prizes. Our family visited Mother yesterday to take an Easter basket and goodies to her, and I wanted to hear about the previous day’s egg hunt.

Initially, Mother was reserved in telling me about it, but she finally admitted that she’d found 10 Easter eggs – plastic eggs with chocolates inside. Yummy

“Wow,” I said. “That’s a lot. Did you win the prize?”

“Oh, no. The woman who won had lots more than 10 eggs,” she said. “Her basket was packed with eggs.”

“No kidding. How did she get that many more?”

Well, the way Mother heard it from the activity director, a certain resident went into the living room while eggs were still being hidden, observed, then started putting eggs in her basket.

“You mean she cheated on the Easter egg hunt?!” I asked incredulously.

Mother arched her eyebrow and replied, “Call it what you will." I can still imagine her lips pursing.

What has the retirement community come to, I ask you, when blue-haired ladies cheat at the Easter egg hunt! Once competitive, always competitive.

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