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Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm On NPR!!

I'm on NPR!! National Public Radio periodically hosts a writing  contest called "3-Minute Fiction." For each round, the author/judge provides a prompt and the stories must be 600 words or less -- so they can be read on NPR in three or less minutes. In this round, the prompt was the first sentence. As the judging period proceeds, they choose favorites, post them on the NPR website and read them on air. And mine is one of this week's faves!! Mine is "Amelia" and here's the link. I'm pretty darn excited. BTW -- there were 2,000+ entries. I have no anticipation of winning -- I've read other "faves" that I like better than mine -- but with so many entries, I'm thrilled to reach the semi-finalist status. My story is titled "Amelia."

I don't know if hits on the story make any difference in judging, but give it a shot.


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Bruce Smith said...

Frankly,Scarlett, I thought it was great!
Rock on, Diane