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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Etta's Still Hangin' in There

You’ve no doubt all received those crazy emails claiming that your coffee cup is going to explode, peanut butter will improve your IQ or that some celebrity has been found homeless or dead. You clever people, however, know to google or go to to check out those rumors before passing on the hysteria. Some people don’t.

So, recently the rumor spread across the Internet like a California wildfire that R&B and blues queen Etta James had passed away. Not true.

It is true, however, that Ms. James is gravely ill suffering from dementia and leukemia. She’s been in and out of hospitals for the past two years.

Her son, Donto James, recently told the Los Angeles Times, “She’s fine. I just saw her last night and she was fine.” He also said that the 73-year-old singer remains very ill and is being cared for at her suburban Riverside, CA home.

Sadly, her two sons and James’ father continue their legal battle over control of Ms. James’ medical care as well as her $1 million in savings. Both sides claim that their only goal is to watch over the well being of Etta James. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could do that in unison?

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