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Monday, December 20, 2010

Panthers on the Prowl

Sunday’s Commercial Appeal contained a very interesting article (link below) that Mike read to me. It describes continued reports from North Mississippi of black panther sightings. Other reading indicated similar reports from Tennessee.

Surprising story, but – more surprising to me – it quoted an expert saying that there is no such thing as a black panther. Guess they haven’t seen all the movies or read the books and comic books that feature the black panther as a villain. They cinched my disappointment by explaining that what is generally thought to be a black panther is, in fact, a very dark leopard. I’m crushed.

But still – panthers or black leopards around here? Despite the number of reports, authorities aren’t buying it. If such a critter existed, they say that surely someone would have hit one on a highway, snapped a good photo or otherwise produced solid evidence. Oh, you want evidence? Try checking out the other link below. It’s an amateur video showing what certainly looks like a black panther, or whatever you want to call it.

And, furthermore, when Mike looked at the video he said that the big cat looks just like the one he sighted in his back yard about 10 years ago. He had previously told me the story, but I wanted to hear it again.

He and son James lived in a nice house that was pretty much in the country. Standing at the kitchen sink one day, Mike looked down the back yard incline toward a stream and fence and saw a large black cat that was at least the size of a dog. When James went outside to get a better look, the super-kitty simply turned and walked away. Mike told me that the only logical conclusion appeared – as illogical as it seemed – to be that the animal was a black panther.

See what you think.

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Lacy said...

"They" been saying the same thing around here in NE Arkansas.

I believe they exist.