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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Trip

Mike and I just returned from a great California trip -- first to the Bay area to visit Niece Marcy, Dryden and toddler Alastair, then to Southern Cal to spend Thanksgiving and a few days with my son.

The last time we visited Marcy's family, li'l Alastair was a teeny preemie. Now, due to his parents' great care, he's caught up with his height and weight and is a healthy, beautiful, happy toddler who's full of confidence, personality and love. Here are some terrific photos.

Can not believe that our camera's battery went toes-up when we got to SoCal so that we got no pics of Alex and the fun we had with him. Drat!

1 comment:

Marcy Jill said...

What a bummer about the Alex-photos! I was looking forward to seeing your adventures down South! Otherwise, this is a very sweet post Auntie Delighted. You are terrific!