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Friday, June 11, 2010

Mike & Diane's Anniversary

June 12 is our wedding anniversary -- our sixth -- this time. Unfortunately, we didn't make it this long in oufirst marriage soooooo long ago. But we had a few decades to perfect our act. Fate is good.

Some years, we pull out the wedding video and "virtually" take our vows again. Of course I cry every time I see the video. I'm such a moosh. For several years, we had wedding champagne on our anniversary. Not just champagne -- but champagne from our wedding. I guess I'll have to tell the story.
Because I was beginning to limit my driving about the time we were planning our wedding, activities for the event became a real girlfriend experience. Nieces Marcy & Robin helped me sample goodies at the Victorian tea house where we were to be married. Charlotte helped me locate the perfect wedding dress -- after a bit of searching. Gwen knew exactly the right place to order not only the tastiest, but also the most beautiful wedding cake I'd ever experienced. Niece Shannon was the perfect maid of honor and designed/made the invitations plus so many other things. On wedding day, niece Marcy was our "greeter," hair stylist and much more. My son Alex was Mike's best man. Friend Audrey got certified and officiated at the ceremony. Mike sang. I wrote, then read a poem. It was very personal.

Melissa, who did us the honor of flying to CA from New York for the wedding, was in town earlier and took me to buy the champagne for our high tea-plus reception. I knew that she knew much more about wine selection than I did. Soooo, we got to the store and, although I'd done the math about how many bottles I needed to buy, Melissa and I had wandered off into a frenzy of girl-talk. I didn't realize until check-out that I'd bought -- not the number of bottles I'd planned per X-number of guests -- but a number of bottles that EQUALED the number of guests.

I was horrified at the check-out price. Carted all the champagne home and stored it in my office until wedding day. With great embarrassment, I confessed my faux pas to Mike who -- God bless'im -- laughed and theorized that our children would be fighting each other for the vintage champagne when we died many, many years from then. He also suggested that I wouldn't have to make placecards. I could just magic-marker each guest's name on a bottle and slap it down at their place. Mike thought it would make for quite a party. Anyway --- it took a few years, but we finally finished off all the champagne.

Gee, guess we'll just have to buy some this year.

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