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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vote For Elvis' Birthday Cake

With the January 8 celebration of what would be Elvis' 75th birthday just around the corner, the folks at Graceland have invited fans to help.

Four potential birthday cake designs are featured on the Elvis website, and we're all invited to vote for our favorite. Voting continues until December 14 so get on it. I've already clicked the button for my fave. The winning cake will make its debut at the big birthday bash to be led by Priscilla Presley. (Doesn't anyone recall that she divorced him and isn't his widow? Oh well.)

Here's the link. Take a look at the designs and cast your vote.

Thank you very much. Guess you can't hear my El impression online.

1 comment:

Michelle Oakes said...

It is easy to forget that you left someone when all that money is in your face. Guess like Midas, she is blinded by the gold and never saw the real person. The only reason she is famous is because she was once married to Elvis...if only I could have been so lucky!