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Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Trip to the Zoo

Back in the olden days, a trip to the Memphis zoo was often commemorated with an official zoo photo. As you entered the front gate, to the left you'd see stroller rentals and then the photo place. For some reason, parents liked to use the set in which it appeared that their kids were in jail. There were other, simpler sets as well.

I recently found these little mementoes of the past. In one, you see Mike with a girl he can't remember. I'll make no comment on that. In the other are my Mother and I plus my Aunt Mary (Mother's older sister), Uncle Bill and Cousin Grace. I'm sorry that the photo place has disappeared with time.


Zehr_Family said...

Oh my gosh!! This made me cry, the photo of you and your mom with my grandparents and my mom is beautiful. I had never seen this one, THANK YOU for posting it. I have saved a copy of it on my hard drive and I am going to print a copy and frame it. Love you!!

Anonymous said...

You look very much like the adorable little girl in the photo...but are you sure Mike was ever that blonde??

Great post...

Your Sis

Scarlett said...

I know that's me because my g'mother made that pinafore for me. I'd have never thought that was little Mikey, but both he and his sister swear that he was that little blond boy. Precious, huh?

Jenni said...

I LOVE the picture. Please keep posting the old ones. They are wonderful!