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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kitty Quest

It was time for new life in our household, so I spent hours online over the weekend looking for exactly the kitty we wanted – which was basically a young replica of Kitty Scarlett. A girl. Long hair. Green eyes. Maine Coon or Maine Coon mix.

Yesterday we started going to shelters and logged almost 200 miles doing so.

Mid-day today we made our third visit to one of the shelters and came away with a kitty who is almost the complete opposite of what we were looking for. Boy. Short hair. Looks nothing like a Maine Coon. But he does have big, green eyes.

He stole my heart yesterday afternoon, but I think I couldn’t actually believe that I wanted this kitty who was so unlike the object of our quest. Two more shelter visits this morning, then back to pick him up.

He’s a pudgy boy who’s also outgoing, funny and a huge love bug. When I first picked him up yesterday, he began snuggling and rolling baby-like onto his back in my arms so he could get more lovin’. He’s asleep in my lap right now after an afternoon of examining the house, dashing around and getting into an appropriate amount of kitty trouble. He responds to correction well, though, so I think he’ll learn his manners pretty quickly.

Only four months old, he already weighs five pounds. He was twice the size of a male shelter neighbor kitty who was the same age. Which called to mind the perfect name. Big Sam. If you recall Gone With The Wind, you know that it was Big Sam who saved Scarlett from “a fate worse than death.”

I won’t be expecting that kind of heroics from this baby, but I’ll certainly enjoy getting to know him.


Michelle said...

Now I know... I never knew you were such a big Gone with the Wind fan. I first picked up that weighty tome in 5th grade. I have read it over 25 times. Each time I am suprized by something I had forgotten. Well...Big Sam, welcome to Tara.

Scarlett said...

OMG@ Yet something else that we booklovers have in common. Have you not noticed my email addy and screen name? Considering book and movie, I consider myself a pretty good expert on GWTW.

As to GWTW items in the house -- there's a 10x12 color close-up photo of Rhett & Scarlett, I believe from the scene when she's a widow for the second time and he says "You've been married to a boy and an old man. You've never been kissed by a real man." Whew! Niece Lisa recently gave me a framed GWTW movie poster. I have a small porcelain figure of Scarlett, a circa 1940 edition of the actual book, and a Frankline Mint replica doll of Scarlett at the barbecue that Mike gave me for my birthday.

The depiction of the War's effect is excellent, but I love it for the character development and the major relationship flaw which doomed Scarlett and Rhett -- pride.

BTW -- have you read "Rhett Butler's People"? You MUST.

SMILE said...

Welcome to the family Big Sam! What a Cutie!

ForkInTheRoad said...

What a delight. Love the name. I've read the book more times than I can count... ditto seeing the movie. (Oh and my cousin just named her new puppy Gable)