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Friday, June 5, 2009

Mystery Abounds

We have a mystery, and it pertains to an innocuous post I wrote last year. Here’s the deal.

First, you need to know that I subscribe to a free service that gathers statistics on the hits we get here at Plunk Chronicles. It tells me how many hits we get a day, where you are (just your city and state – no names, of course). It tells me if you came directly to our site or if you googled something I’ve written about – and what you googled. It even tells me if you’re regular readers. And thanks very much for that.

So I check the reports regularly to see if hits are up or down and to see what’s being googled. For instance, Mike’s cousin Stacy Plunk always gets a lot of hits as does the Bobby Neal/Ricky Nelson post, celebrities from Memphis and so forth.

It was the information in the reports over the last few weeks that presented the mystery. Last December I wrote a little, humorous piece about my first Christmas post-Santa Claus discovery. That was when my Mother accidentally locked my gifts in her closet. I titled the post What’s Behind the Green Door? which was a popular song at the time. (

I’ve recently had hits for that post from Puerto Rico, Madrid, Hong Kong, Australia, British Columbia, Toronto, and Great Britain, to name a few.

It was a kinda cute story, but these folks were googling that specific item. Odd. Has that very old song had a resurgence of popularity? Is the title code for something I don’t know? Am I in trouble? If you have a clue, I’d be fascinated to know.

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