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Friday, June 12, 2009

Midnight Special

Back in the ‘70s, Mike was playing music jobs nearly every Saturday night so he rarely got to see the great tv show, Midnight Special, that featured outstanding artists and bands of the era performing live rather than the lip-sync renditions of other music shows. He’s recently noted ads for DVDs of the show and bemoaned that he’s never bought any of those over the years. This month I did the good-wife thing and bought him the entire nine DVD set for his birthday. Good job!

He was pretty happy, and we’ve been having a good time watching them in the evenings. (Buyers’ note: If you purchased the set, skip 1978. It stinks.) It’s startling to look back at the period. The big hair. The platform shoes. The capes. The hats. And that’s just the men!

After you check out 1970s Mike in his platform shoes in the accompanying blog pic, take a listen/look at these two bands: Sly and the Family Stone and Aerosmith from Midnight Special.
Sly and the Family Stone -
Aerosmith -

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