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Monday, June 22, 2009

A Challenging Burger

Mike and I had a fun dinner out last week with two of our high school friends, Bill and Jim, and their wives. Jim’s wife, Sherrye, and I were friends back in journalism school; and Mike has known Linda, Bill’s wife, for many years. The six of us have a lot of history and many years to catch up on. At Jim’s excellent suggestion, we’ve vowed to get together quarterly at one of the many good restaurants in Memphis.

Here’s someplace we won’t go.

It’s called the Kooky Canuck, formerly known as the Big Foot Lodge. The main attraction was their Sasquatch Burger. Apparently there were some legal issues with the names, so those have changed but the punch line remains the same.

The Kooky Canuck offers a Kookamonga Challenge: if you can eat their entire seven and one-half pound burger, including toppings, within an hour, the $9.99 price is comp’d and you are featured in a photograph. They don’t say if the subsequent ambulance trip is also complementary.

Approximately 2,000 people have currently attempted the challenge, but only five foolish folks have succeeded. The godzilla-size sandwich contains 12,387 calories. According to Kooky’s website, it would take 17 hours on a stationary bike to burn off the caloric intake. Just thinking about it makes me queasy.

Against my better judgment, I’m including some high school and college era photos of our last week’s dinner group. In the photo of the building, Bill is holding a bucket theoretically to catch me. Since I’m afraid of heights, the picture got more complicated. That’s Mike in the dark shirt among the group hanging on to me. In the other two pics (Mike and Jim; Sherrye and me), I’m not sure what we were up to, but I’m glad I don’t own those slacks any more.

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