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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Coach Cal Is Gone

My heart breaks. I’m wringing out another towel that’s soaked with my tears. My husband has locked himself in his dark office, clutching his Tiger basketball shirt to his wounded heart. No food. No water. He even kicked the dog. Oh, that’s right. We don’t have a dog.

And now we don’t have a Coach Cal. He’s going to the University of Kentucky and he’s taking his U-Mem coaching staff as well as the new recruits for next year. He might as well take the living room furniture and clean out our bank accounts.

It feels like a bad divorce.

It will take years to rebuild the Tiger basketball program, and we believed that next year would be our best ever. Guess again.

He’s a good man and a great coach. I wish his decision had been something else.

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Anonymous said...

Yesterday the student newspaper at the Univ. of Memphis had a headline that read "Coach Cal is Officially Dead to Memphis." It doesn't look like they're very supportive.