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Friday, March 13, 2009

Welcome, Wendall

The Plunk Chronicles has a new reader, Mike's adopted son Wendall. The two were corresponding about (what else?) taxes when Wendall checked out the blog for the first time. His reaction: "What? No pictures of me??"

So, OK, Wendall. As promised, here you are. And to keep me out of trouble with the rest of the gang, here are a couple of more photos. The group pic is of all Mike's Texas kids: Chris (top left), Wendall, Paula (seated left),Shannon and Jenny.

The next photo is of a group photo of most of the clan -- spouses and kids included -- from the trip Mike and I made a couple of years ago. We'll be getting back down there this year.

And last, there's Mike and baby James. Hmm. I wonder if the baby pic gets me in trouble with Jamie.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the skinny picture!!!!
Love, Jennifer

Scarlett said...

Jen -
You're a cutie!