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Monday, March 2, 2009

Mr. President, Welcome to Morocco

This story is so darn good that you’re going to think it was fabricated. Nope. It’s totally true. Here’s what happened.

A client came in recently to do his taxes and had his maybe three- or four-year-old son in tow. As they sat in Mike’s office, there came a time when dad and Mike fell silent while Mike reviewed some of the fellow’s documents.

At that time, the bored youngster spotted the framed print in the office that you see in the accompanying image. The annual Memphis in May celebration honors a different country each year and commissions an artist to develop a painting which then becomes the poster, logo, etc. for the year. This one was painted by our friend John Robinette and was one that we particularly liked. It may not show in the image, but the word “Morocco” appears in large letters at the top.

Well, the little guy was apparently learning his letters and, aloud, carefully spelled out the word he saw: M-O-R-O-C-C-O.

“That’s right,” said the good dad. “That spells Morocco.”

The child’s face lit up. “Yeah!” he said. “Morocco-Bama!”

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Lacy said...

Too cute!!