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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Memphis Trivia & The Mystery Blogger

An out-of-state member of our high school alumni e-list recently sent out a note about a blog site he thought would interest us. It’s titled Ask Vance and is filled with history and trivia about Memphis.

Since, among our varied blog topics, I write about Memphis (see the Memphis label below, right), I wanted to share the link with you. The author has for some time written the Ask Vance column in Memphis Magazine and has recently initiated the blog.

That should have been it, but then I googled the writer so I could add a thumbnail sketch about him in this post. I found very little. One mention referred to the columnist “known as Vance Lauderdale.” I hadn’t thought about his name, but those are two streets in mid-town Memphis. The remaining couple of references used descriptors including reclusive, eccentric, curmudgeonly, resident historian, and expert on Memphis trivia.

Then I was hooked. I’ve read and enjoyed several of the Ask Vance articles, but now I want to know more about the reclusive Vance Lauderdale. Who is he and just how eccentric is he? Anybody out there got a clue?


Anonymous said...

i heard that vance lauderdale is really Bill Dries, who used to work at werc radio

Scarlett said...

Very interesting. Anybody got anything else on this?