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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And The Loser Is . . .

There is always a section of the Academy Awards show that pays tribute to members of the movie industry who have passed away. As we watched Sunday night, there was a notable omission. They should have also honored the demise of the movie theme song.

Thinking back over the many years that I’ve enjoyed the awards show, the presentation of original song nominees was always one of my favorite segments. There were always five nominees, just like the other big awards, and the performances of the nominated songs were scattered throughout the show. There was always great anticipation as to who would perform and how it would be received. It was great.

Over the years, the Academy Awards singled out wonderful songs such as Moon River, The Way We Were, The Last Tine I Saw Paris, White Christmas, The Shadow of Your Smile, and I’ve Had the Time of My Life. They’re outstanding songs that have become classics. I’d bet money that the tune of at least one of these songs is running through your head right now. Songs like these are ones that you hum in the shower.

And then, just a few years ago, the Academy gave the golden statue to It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp. Now really! Was that actually the best they could find?

Sunday night, there were only three nominees for Best Song. After hearing them, we believed that there were three too many. They should have just skipped the category all together. One was more of a chant than a song. And you will never, ever find yourself humming any of them.

I’m not sure why movie theme songs have reached such a low point. Let us now bow our heads and observe a minute of silence in respect for their passing.

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