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Friday, January 2, 2009

Ricky Nelson & Bobby Neal Revisited

I was noticing an increased number of google hits on our blog for the Ricky Nelson & Bobby Neal story when Mike reminded me that the New Year's Eve we just celebrated was the 23rd anniversary of the crash of Ricky Nelson's plane which killed him, his fiancee, Bobby Neal and the rest of the band.

Mike had known Bobby and played with him off and on before Bobby joined Ricky Nelson. Here's a link to our previous post:

Mike received an email today from another associate of Bobby's, and I thought we should share it with you.

Hi Mike,
My name is Ken Ferguson (Fergie) and I was co-pilot of Rick's airplane for the last two years of his life. I worked with Bobby that entire time and loved the guy like a brother. He could make his guitar sound like anything he wanted it to sound like, just as he could himself make any sounds he wanted. He had a trick with his finger and thumb that he would put up to your ear that sounded just like a moth or something flying right into your ear. It was impossible not to try and brush it away. His timing was always perfect on these tricks. I enjoyed the post about him; look forward to more.

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