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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Stacy Plunk Spurs Google Hits

We always know when Mike’s cousin, the beautiful and talented Stacy Plunk, has performed. The Chronicles starts getting hits from folks googling Stacy. She has an impressive voice and is extremely attractive.

She has sung with Bruce Willis’ blues band, Willie Nelson and Jerry Lee Lewis, to name a few, and now she’s on a world tour singing backup for Kid Rock. That’s the band that was on Letterman Monday night. I missed the show, but Mike said that Stacy was looking extremely hot. Our webstats have been reflecting the response to her late-night appearance ever since.

The photo above is from the time when she was singing with Memphis Queen. Check out this youtube link to hear her distinctive voice in duet with Jerry Lee Lewis.
Here's a clip of Stacy playing with Waddy Wachtel, Stevie Nicks' guitar player at a club called The Joint in LA. On Monday nights the "Big Names" would come down when they were in town and sit in for the fun of it.


Anonymous said...

Stacy Rocks amazing amazing talent!!!!

William Eyster said...

Hoping to find Clay Plunk..he used to own the Drachenburg Ren Fest...I taught him a thing or 2 about swords and would like to catch up

Scarlett said...

Yes, Anon, Stacy is completely cool.
William -- I'm forwarding your inquiry about Clay Plunk to my genealogist husband. We'll reply. First thing to know -- -- all Plunks are related. More to come.

Anonymous said...

I am Stacy & Clay's 1st cousin from Memphis - my mom was their father's sister. I dont know who Mike Plunk is-is he from Memphis or Selmer? We are a very close family so I was surprised to not know who this was. Yes, most Plunks from that are are related. Clay is married and living in Maine. Stacy is currently touring with Kid Rock.

Scarlett said...

Anon -
Good to hear from you. The Plunk clan is large! Mike is a genealogist and has traced Plunks way, way back. He and Stacy have corresponded. Yes, Mike's father and siblings came from McNairy County. If you would drop Mike an email at, he'd like to get some names from you to fill in some blanks on the family tree.

Dorcus Martin said...

I met Ms. Stacy Plunk and her fiancé Ricky Medlocke last night here at Lansky Bros in Memphis, TN. She is an awesome person and pretty as can be. I hate that I didn't ask her for a picture. I could have put it with my photos with Kid Rock.