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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What Were They Thinkin' ???

Sometimes a good idea just blossoms out of control. I think it’s like the Peter Principle in business, according to which a person “is promoted to his/her highest level of incompetence.” I think that’s what happened in the concept described in a recent news article.

Royal Caribbean plans to launch a new cruise ship next year. It will carry 5,400 passengers and will be the world’s largest cruise ship. It will cost more than $1 billion to complete.

The ship is called Project Genesis and that in itself frightens me. In one of its seven “neighborhoods,” Genesis will recreate New York City’s Central Park in an area the size of a football field. There will be trees, grass, walkways, boutiques, concerts, bars, and restaurants, cradled in verdant, lush foliage.

Well, friends, the population on this ship will be greater than the Arkansas town where my mother used to live. Genesis sounds spookily like the main character in a re-make of Kevin Costner’s Waterworld. In the movie version, they’d be planting vegetable and maybe grazing cattle in that park area. You know -- -- to save mankind.

Please tell me why you’d want to get on a cruise ship to be surrounded by trees and shops. Isn’t that what staying home is for? Wouldn’t you want to see the ocean?

And, since you asked, I wonder what provisions they’re making to prevent Central Park crime. The Genesis Police Force? New Yorkers don’t dare walk in Central Park after dark. How quickly will this re-make be smeared with graffiti and intimidated by street gangs lurking in their lush foliage? Nothing good can come of this.

One parting thought based on the many times I’ve seen all three versions of Titanic: I wonder how many lifeboats there will be.

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