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Monday, April 7, 2008

Memphis Madness, Now Melancholy

It’s very quiet in Memphis right now.

The NCAA championship game against Kansas was hard-fought, a nail biter. Kansas was fast and had a lot of hustle. We made some mistakes with big consequences. Kansas tied the game in the last two seconds sending us into an overtime that we would lose 75-68.

It was a sad group of Tigers who politely shook hands with their opponents when the championship had been decided.

We had a great season. We have a great team. There’s always next year. Go Tigers!


Jenni Sinkiewicz said...

Sorry to see Memphis lose but I was rooting against them because I had Kansas as the winner in my office bracket and I won 2nd place. Better luck next year for Memphis and I will root for them then.

Scarlett said...

I forgive you since you won money in the pool. ;-) Remember Tiger Blue for next year.