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Monday, March 17, 2008

Memories of the Byrd

Following is the text of an email Mike received today from long-long-time friend Robby Turner,

I didn't know Byrd had passed. I feel like "what do you mean JFK's been shot, and Lennon, too.” I remember you brought him to Sonic Studio (Memphis) when I had it to cut some tracks with you. I was late (of course) and when I pulled up, all of you guys were lined up against the outside wall and Byrd’s big ol' foot was planted on the wall. When we went in, we noticed his big tennis shoe (14 or 15") imprint was on that bright yellow wall. I know it was still on there when I moved out at least 12 years later. We called it "The Madison Ave. Walk of Fame.”

He was one of the greatest musicians I've come across and was blessed to get to work with him occassionally here in Nashville. One of his stories I loved included the phrase: How laytel you playtel? You see if you can figure it out and, if so, you win 17 and one-half minutes of studio time at the world famous Turner-Up Recording in lovely Nashvegas. "Where the Stars eat more rhinestones on a daily basis"

Love to You All,


Judy Rodman said...

Another Byrd memory from me... he was with us (John was playing drums) when we went to play Mr. Lucky's in Phoenix. Next morning, the ride which was to take us to the airport to fly to Lake Tahoe, where we were scheduled to open for Haggard, was missing.

The band commandeered a laundry truck in exchange for $50 and a picture- and off we went. Byrd and our little son Peter were part of the band riding in the back of the truck. The driver actually had to make a couple of stops and throw additional bags of laundry back there. Byrd took the humiliation with a great laugh and a "we'll tell this story a lot" attitude! And we still do!

Scarlett said...

Great story. Who said the music world is all glamour!