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Saturday, March 8, 2008

It Snowed!

Apologies to our friends in much snowier climes who don’t think this is much snow. We don’t get many thick, pretty snows although we have our share of cold weather and the occasional, destructive ice storm.

It occurs to me that one of the markers between kid and non-kid is snow. You’ll note in the Young Plunk pics to the lower right that neither Mike nor I is wearing a coat. Only our little dog had on a coat. What you will NOT see in the above photo of a front angle of our house is me. I do not go willingly into the cold, wet stuff. I express thanks for attached garages, and I run screaming from car to door when we go someplace in this weather. Of course, 20 years in CA helped turn me into this weather wuss that I’ve become.

It wasn’t always that way. One March in our olden days marriage produced perhaps the biggest snow Memphis has ever seen. Eighteen inches of the delicate flakes came down. That’s a lot of snowfall for anywhere, but in a city that doesn’t get a lot of snow it was paralyzing. The whole city shut down. Almost.

A couple we hung out with made it across town to our house. Who knows how they got through the snow-filled streets. But we were kids and it was all fun. Once they got to our place, Mike and I bundled up and the four of us walked about three blocks to Audubon Park which was beautifully blanketed in white.

We built part of a snow fort and had a serious snowball fight. I don’t recall who won, but I know we must have all been wet to the core. And when the fun was over, we had to make the walk home. I also don’t recall being cold or complaining. We laughed and giggled all the way.

Yep. It’s declining the snowball fight that sadly proves you’re grown up.


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