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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wining Streak Interrupted

It's a sad night in River City.

The final score of the biggest basketball game in Tennessee history was 66 - 62 in the Vols' favor. It was an exciting although disappointing, game and everyone got their money's worth -- including the guy who paid $5,000 for his seat in the Tigers' house.

Each team was seven points up at times in the game, and, at others, each edged ahead by only one point. It was a rough game with injuries on both sides. Both teams played their hearts out but, in the end, UT took home the prize. Commentators described the Memphis crowd as "stunned."

The only good news is that this wasn't a conference game. The bad news is that we owe my East TN cousin and his wife a big dinner. I wonder if they like the Golden Arches.

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