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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

We're OK

Many of you have heard or read about the horrible line of storms that plowed through this area yesterday afternoon and night, and I’ve had a few inquiries about our safety. Fortunately, our home, office and family are fine. That almost sounds like bragging in the face of the devastation, injuries and deaths in our immediate area. Whether it is or not, we’re grateful.

I was at home to be here for Alex’s arrival from his clubhouse program. Mike was still at the office. He had just completed a client’s taxes – while tornado sirens started blaring – and she left to try to get home. Bad idea. She got a half block away when she noticed something just ahead that looked like a fire. Suddenly she realized that it was swirling debris and that it was a tornado. She made a fast U-turn and sped back to our office. Mike said she pulled into the parking lot fast and parked sideways, jumping out of her car and running to the front door. Mike, the client and the afternoon secretary went into the office’s central hall and stayed there til the danger passed. Some time during the excitement the power went off. That always ramps up the anxiety level.

The tornado spotted by the client landed just a mile east of our office and did tremendous damage. A few miles of the office’s street are blocked off today for clean up. There were injuries at that strike, but thankfully no fatalities as there were elsewhere in Memphis.

Meanwhile, Alex and I were at the house, tornado sirens wailing – and with no electricity. Before the power went off, I had moved us into the laundry room which is in the center of the house. Mike and I called each other on cell phones to check on each other. As Alex and I sat there in the dark, listening to the wind and sirens, he turned to me and asked, “Do you know what we’re having for dinner?”

Some people just have their priorities firmly in order.

The photo above was taken by our niece Lisa.


Willow Goldentree said...

Thanks for the update. :)

So, what did you have for dinner? *wink*

Scarlett said...

Willow -
You were the first of several who asked the penetrating question: what did we have for dinner?

Okey doke. We made sandwiches by lantern light, then huddled around candles and a batter-powered radio to keep up with the second wave of storms headed our way. Not exactly tranquil dining environment.

By the way, there are still thousands without power in Memphis. Terrible storm.