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Monday, January 14, 2008

It's a Miracle!

A bunch of years ago, Mike toured with a group we’ll call Band X which was led by a successful singer we’ll call Singer. (No clues. I promised Mike.) Anyhoo, after a performance they sometimes got a night off so the equipment truck could head out to the next city. The guys would fly out the following day and play that night.

It was on one of those nights off in Lincoln, Nebraska when the band and Singer went into the hotel bar to relax, hoist a few and generally have a good time. This is probably a good time to point out that, despite his great talents, Singer tended to be a bit ditsy. Start adding adult beverages to that and you get an interesting combination.

As the guys sat there drinking and talking, a fellow on the other side of the packed bar started singing. He was quickly joined by the voices of other patrons and suddenly the entire bar was singing – and in perfect rhythms and beautiful, precision harmonies. It must have been like an MGM musical – the kind I always wanted to experience where you’re walking down the street and suddenly everyone bursts into song and amazingly knows the same dance routine.

“Gawd, that’s amazing!” exclaimed Singer with jaw-dropping surprise.

Apparently he was the only one who hadn’t noticed that the hotel was hosting a convention for barbershop quartets.

Because Singer was . . . well, a singer . . . he decided to join in the song. But, for starters, he didn’t know the words and the liquid festivities had the best of him. The emerging sounds were less than pretty and the volume didn’t help. Band X and Singer were escorted unceremoniously out of the bar. I bet they never knew who they kicked out.

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