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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Speaking of Musicians . . .

Back when Mike was playing with Tony Joe White (Rainy Night in Georgia, Polk Salad Annie, etc.), they toured with Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Mike hung out with John Fogerty. Since there was generally an extra seat on CCR’s Lear Jet, Fogerty would take Mike along on their ride. He had a pretty good time.

Mike told me that, back in the day, most people thought CCR was from Louisiana like Tony Joe because of their Southern sound in songs like Born on the Bayou and Proud Mary. The last thing anyone would have thought was that their homeplace was actually Berkely, CA.

So in the 90s, when Fogerty was preparing for a new album, he decided that he needed to really experience the Delta itself and Delta blues. He wanted to travel the famous highway up through the flat Delta land, feel the heavy, humid air, and see the juke joints where the blues was born. He hopped a plane from CA to New Orleans, rented a car and started driving north.

A disappointed Fogerty arrived in Memphis saying, “Where the hell is the Delta? I didn’t see any of that stuff.”

Oops He drove up highway 51 which goes up the center of Mississippi. The Delta – well, that would be over by that big river that runs along highway 61. He took the wrong road. If he’d had a woman in the car, he would have asked directions.

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Willow Goldentree said...

HAHA! You're right about that picture. ;)