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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Not Exactly Mission Impossible

The Memphis morning newspaper ran a recap last week of some of the more interesting local crimes of the last year. Our favorite was the guy who decided to rob a real estate agent who was holding open house at a model home in the Bartlett neighborhood.

The would-be robber entered the model home and had to look casual and hang around until everyone had left. As soon as the other visitors cleared out, he demanded money and jewelry from the agent and took off.

One problem. While he was trying to look casual, he filled out one of those information cards and wrote his correct name and address. He may have collected $200, but he didn’t pass Go. He went straight to jail.

Mike’s favorite all-time, zombie-brain Memphis criminal was the guy who robbed a local bank, but made the fatal error of writing the “give me your money” note on the back of one of his own deposit slips. Oops. Police were waiting for him when he arrived home.

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