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Monday, October 15, 2007

Plunk's New Car

Yippee. The Plunks have a new-er car. It’s an ’06 Taurus, low mileage, with the features we were seeking. Mike and I have each owned Tauruses (Tauri?), and we liked them a lot. The Saturn has been a faithful, dependable companion for 10 years, but we need something a bit larger for the trips we’re planning and for our two sons, both over six feet tall. They were a tad squished in the Saturn’s back seat.

Here’s the only issue with the pretty, new car. The tag on its key ring said that it’s grey. The salesman said that it’s purple. I tell Mike that it’s really lilac, but that just makes him growl.

The Saturn has been known, lo these many years, as The Silver Bullet. Since the new car needs an appropriate moniker, I’ve dubbed him Moby Grape. I’m not sure that Mike’s gonna go for that.


Anonymous said...

Jennifer Lovett here: This reminds me of our recent paint controversy. Our new siding color was supposed to be grey. I say it's blue...which is odd to me because we already had blue, and I thought we were going for tan. I looked up the color card from which the color was picked. Uncertain Grey. Now that explains everything.

Scarlett said...

"Uncertain Grey." Now that's just cold!