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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In the News

I guess we all missed a great get-away opportunity last week. Over in Bossier City, Louisiana they held the annual, national grits-eating contest. Darn, I hate when I miss that.

The winner consumed 21 pounds of cooked grits within the 10-minute time limit. I’m having trouble picturing that amount of food. Imagine just holding two 10-pound bags of flour. It’s also about three times the weight of my cat. I’m not sure how anybody gets that quantity of food inside them, but I think the word *bulimia* plays a key role in resolving the award-winning behavior. The second-place winner only scarfed down 16 pounds.

By the way, the winner wasn’t a Southern boy. He was described as a slender, Mohawk-wearing chef from Chicago.

I wonder how someone decides that he has a flair for that competition.

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