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Friday, September 21, 2007

Ya Gotta Love the News

Since Mike and I have been attacked sequentially by a vicious stomach virus this week and absolutely nothing has seemed funny in recent days, it's a good thing that we have newspapers. Here are my two personal favorites of the day.

For starters, a Washington genealogist has determined that Presidential candidate (and U of Mem law school grad) Fred Thompson is related to Elvis Presley. Actually, he says they're eighth cousins, once removed. I don't know if that would even earn you a ticket to the family reunion. Mike, our own genealogy expert, is checking to see if the guy in Washington could actually trace their families back that many generations. Goody. We may have a follow-up.

Here's my favorite, and the reason is because the story came out of New Hampshire and not from Tennessee or Mississippi. It seems that a family in Concord has for generations handed down, displayed and made to feel right at home a mummified infant. Oh, I couldn't make this stuff up.

Baby John, as he's called, receives cards at holidays and even has a dried fish for a pet. Now there are some neighbors you don't want to have. Hmm I wonder if his name goes in the hat at Christmas for drawing names. What would you buy a decades-old baby mummy? But I digress.

The young niece of Baby John's current caretaker mentioned at daycare that uncle has a dead baby at his house. Well, that set off all kinds of bells and whistles and subsequently a judge ordered that the remains of what appeared to be a stillborn baby be finally put to rest.

You can read the whole story at the link below. I'm going to go sip some more chicken broth.

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